The Father Peyton
Family Institutes

Strengthening Families and Uniting Communities!

Strengthening Families in Peru and India

The Father Peyton Family Institutes, located in Peru and India, provide wrap-around services that address root causes of various issues to transform families and improve the lives of people in the neediest communities. The Institutes continually monitor and evaluate their programming and community needs to ensure they are serving families in the most effective way.

The Family Institutes' Impact

At the  Family Institutes, we are planting seeds of hope, and our programs and services are helping families whose lives are difficult, but who sincerely want and deserve a better future for themselves and for their families. We are improving the lives of over 100,000 people annually through the following services:

  • Marriage and engagement enrichment programs
  • Youth Art and Faith program, and music programs
  • Substance abuse and domestic violence counseling
  • Nutrition and health programs
  • Youth sports and chess clubs
  • Adult leadership courses
  • Senior support groups and activities

Why the Family Institutes Matter

The Father Peyton Family Institutes serve two large communities, experiencing extreme poverty in Lima, Peru and Bangalore, India. These communities are plagued by drug abuse, domestic violence, weak marriages, and troubled families. These families need our support which is why the Family Institutes are as important as ever.

The Family Institutes conduct research to identify the needs of local families and in response to these needs, deliver tailored services to families that maximize impact, all to enhance unity in the home.

Direct Your Impact

The Father Peyton Family Institutes provide an incredible breadth of services, which allow a donor to direct their impact in the way most meaningful  to them. Whether it is building stronger families through substance abuse and health counseling or providing valuable after school activities through the Art and Faith program, investing in the Institutes is investing for a better society.

The challenges facing families in Peru and India are growing, thus the need for our services is pressing and requires your support.

Join in Supporting the Family Institutes Today!

A gift to the Family Institutes is a power way to support families in need through a variety of impactful programs that improve lives!