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Charitable Distribution from an IRA

This summary describes the important advantages and steps in making a qualified charitable distribution from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), commonly referred to as a IRA charitable rollover. 

Legislation enacted in December 2015 authorized charitable gifts from IRAs. Among the provisions of the bill is an exclusion from gross income for income tax purposes of up to $100,000 (for each IRA account owner) for “qualified charitable distributions” from an IRA. The distribution will count toward an individual’s Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). The statutory requirements for a “qualified charitable distribution” are as follows:

  • The distribution must be made from an IRA (other retirement accounts are not eligible).
  • The recipient must be an eligible charitable organization.
  • The IRA’s owner must be at least 70½ years of age.
  • The distribution must be made directly to the charity by December 31.
  • The distribution must otherwise be fully deductible as a charitable contribution.
  • The distribution must otherwise be included in gross income.

Advancing our mission and achieving your philanthropic goals!

What are the benefits?

• Your gift is transferred to HCFM, since you did not receive the funds, they are not included in your gross income.
• Your gift will count towards your minimum distribution
• You support the crticial mission programs that are important to you at HCFM.

How to make an IRA Charitable Gift?

You simply direct your plan administrator to make a direct
transfer to HCFM.

Sample transfer instructions may be found here.


Thank you for your support, and please contact Tom McKenney at 508-930-7882 or with any questions. Your IRA Charitable Gift goes a long way towards changing lives and strengthening families.

This is not intended to be legal or tax advice. We encourage you to consult your own legal or tax advisor.

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