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Uplifting words from our family of supporters and friends

“This is an excellent Ministry to the Families in Africa that encourages family prayer, reconciliation and healthy family living. Its staff is motivated by deep love for Our Lady and love for service in the Church.”

-Father Chris Letikirch,
Former Director of Family Rosary East Africa

“…begins a dialogue for all singles to look beyond the superficial encounters to unearth true, joyful love…” -Christina (Conti) Pindea,
Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers in the City

"...ever since enduring the loss of a friend, every single Daily Gospel Reflection has been just what I needed. If that is not itself testimony to the love of your witness and God’s Holy Spirit moving directly, then I do not know what else could be.”

Catholic Mom Subscriber

“I happened to drop in on the Sunday of the Anniversary mass…Father Peyton's spirit lives on there. Wonderful memorabilia and fascinating archive material to read and just be bowled over by this man's faith and trust in Our Blessed Lady. Praying to him since.”

-Martina O’Sullivan,
Father Peyton Memorial Centre Visitor(Attymass, Ireland)

“Holy Cross Family Ministries inspires me daily with their mission, their intention, and the incredible folks that work there!”

-Chanel Mazzone,
Friend and Supporter of Holy Cross Family Ministries

“It is a great space to share experiences and knowledge through workshops in order to prevent violence.

-Jose Eduardo Flores,
Friend and Supporter of The Father Peyton Family Institute in Peru

“The catechetical videos from Catholic Central are just what I was looking for in my high school Theology classes! They have been a valuable teaching tool in introducing new material and reinforcing it in an accurate, entertaining way that gets the attention of the students.”
-Sister Immaculata, O.C.D., Catholic high school theology teacher

“Holy Cross Family Ministries taught me how to pray the Rosary.”

-Ivan Mukiibi,
Friend and supporter of Holy Cross Family Ministries

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