Venerable Patrick Peyton

Global Rosary for World Peace Prayer Event

LIVE Digital Event

Congregation of Holy Cross in collaboration with Holy Cross Family Ministries

Friday - Feb 16 (First Friday of Lent)

Beginning at 4pm Rome UTC+1 / 10 am ET (USA)

To determine the time for your local area click here! 


The Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C., is gathering all Holy Cross ministry centers around the world on five continents in 18 countries, to pray for world peace on the First Friday in Lent, February 16. Br. Paul and the entire Congregation invite you, your family, and your community to join us in this important prayer for peace event.



Welcome and Introduction - Rome, Italy

Opening Hymn – Kenya

First Sorrow – Australia, Bangladesh, and Philippines

Second Sorrow – Ghana, Brazil, and Peru

Hymn – Northeast India

Third Sorrow – France, Mexico, and Ireland

Fourth Sorrow – Tanzania, Haiti, and Uganda

Fifth Sorrow – United States, Chile, and India

Hymn – Mexico

Sixth Sorrow – Kenya, Philippines, and Canada

Seventh Sorrow – Bangladesh, Peru, and United States

Closing Hymn – United States


To join this digital Global Rosary for World Peace Prayer Event, please use this link 
and join the prayer event live at your designated time.
EVENT LINK: Global Rosary For Peace 2024 - YouTube


Please check back for updates, information, and downloadable prayer resources.


Most importantly, please share this invitation with your family and friends. Let us bring the world together in prayer for peace!


“A world at prayer is a world at peace.”

Venerable Patrick Peyton

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